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The Ticket to Work Program connects eligible individuals with free employment supports and services.

Everyone between the ages of 18 and 64 who receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) should qualify to participate in the Ticket to Work program. 

Ticket to Work is free and voluntary and gives participants access to career counseling, job placement assistance, and employment supports.

A Path to Success can help you:

Decide if returning to work is the right answer for you

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Find a career that works for your abilities

Find and maintain substantial employment

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Achieve financial independence if possible

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Your Ticket to Work


A Path to Success

Eligible individuals can choose from a variety of service providers to receive employment services to help support their return to the workforce. The service provider and the Ticketholder will develop a work plan together to coordinate the appropriate services to help the Ticketholder find and maintain employment.

A Path to Success has all the information and resources you need to successfully navigate the Ticket to Work program and give you the opportunity to use all the work incentives and benefits that Social Security has available for those individuals that want to work or go to school. With the help of the Ticket to Work Program and A Path to Success, you can pursue your education and employment goals!

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Our Services

Assign your Ticket to Work to A Path to Success and we can provide you with services such as:

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Career Planning and Guidance

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Job Search Assistance

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Training/Education Assistance


Disability and Medical Benefits Counseling


Work Incentives and Earnings Monitoring

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Protection from Continuing Disability Reviews

Plus Ongoing Employment Supports and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About
The Ticket to Work Program

Anyone between the ages of 18-64 actively receiving SSI or SSDI benefits due to disability should be eligible to use the Ticket to Work Program. We can verify your eligibility during your intake or you can contact the Ticket to Work Program Manager toll free at 1-866-968-7842 to verify eligibility.

No, despite the name, you do not need a physical ticket to participate, any service provider you contact can verify your eligibility.

A Path to Success’ mission is to assist the disabled community in reaching their goals with accurate, detailed information so you can make an informed decision about your benefits and choices. 

As you might have read on our “About Us” page, Stephen Schrader developed his employment network to help disabled Americans, such as himself, take control of their destiny by providing them with the information necessary to make informed decisions about returning to work. 

Using his personal experiences in trying to navigate the complexities of Social Security work incentives, he laid the foundation for A Path to Success to continue to help disabled individuals prepare for and succeed in returning to gainful employment, enabling you to find your own path to success.

The Ticket to Work Program is designed to provide Ticketholders the opportunities and support they need to return to work and maintain employment with the goal of eventually becoming self-sufficient and reducing reliance on cash benefits over time.

No, there is never a charge for any services provided under the Ticket to Work Program.

No! You will remain eligible for your medical coverage as long as you continue to receive a benefit check of any amount. Even if your benefit check stops due to earnings, there are work incentives that protect your Medicare coverage as long as you continue to have a disabling impairment. If you receive Medicaid, you can continue coverage as long as you meet certain requirements.

We absolutely understand, you can’t be too cautious these days!

All of our employees are required to have a favorable suitability determination as deemed by the Center for Suitability and Personnel Security prior to starting employment and we annually provide appropriate security awareness training to all our employees to ensure the safeguarding of all personally identifiable information at all times.

You can reach out to the Ticket to Work Program Manager directly at 1-866-968-7842. Please provide them with our agency name and our Provider ID# (PID) 117-772-7373 and they can verify that we have a contract with the Social Security Administration to provide services for the Ticket to Work Program. Unfortunately, local SSA offices don’t handle Ticket to Work Program inquiries very often and as we offer services in all 50 states, they may not know our company. 

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