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As an authorized Employment Network with SSA’s Ticket to Work Program, we work with the disabled community to help our clients make informed choices about returning to and succeeding in the workplace! 

We have many resources to share with you; our hope is that with all the resources and knowledge we can provide to you, you will find A Path to Success!

Do you have questions about working while receiving disability benefits?

Let us help you find the answers you need!

What happens to my benefits if I return to work?

What happens to my Medicaid/Medicare if I go to work?

Will I get a medical review if I start working?

What do I need to report to SSA when I am working?

What are Social Security Work Incentives?

What happens if I can't continue working?

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The Ticket to Work Program

The Ticket to Work Program is a free, voluntary program offered by the Social Security Administration. The Ticket to Work Program aims to provide support, resources, and incentives for individuals with disabilities to re-enter the workforce and achieve greater financial independence.

Plan to Achieve Self-Support

The PASS Plan, also known as the Plan to Achieve Self-Support, is a work incentive available from Social Security that allows you to set aside income and/or resources to pay for expenses needed to achieve a specific employment goal. These expenses can include job training, education, transportation, equipment, and other items or services necessary for achieving your employment goal. 

What do clients have to say?

I love the support from the entire team. I have pleasant interactions at least once a month with different team members that are willing to go the extra mile to help me figure out how the system works and to navigate me through my work experience as a disabled person.
Current Client
I have received pertinent information for job searches and have recently found remote work in my current field. The kindness, understanding and knowledge of every staff member I interact with have made such a difference in my life and sometimes just making my day brighter.
Current Client

Because of this program I was able to train for and find work that compliments my abilities. The kindness, knowledge, and efficiency of the entire staff was shown throughout my journey!

- Testimony from client that completed the Ticket program

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Check out some of the benefits and services we can offer you!

Training & Education Assistance

Let us help you get started on your path to your new career by providing resources and info to go back to school or obtain vocational training. 

Career Planning & Guidance

We have resources that will help you prepare to get back to work including resume and interview preparation resources and job search assistance.

Benefits Counseling

We will help you understand the rules for working, also known as SSA Work Incentives, including how you can keep your medical coverage when working. 

Monitoring Earnings

Let us help you keep track of your earnings and work incentives. We can also help with resources and info on how best to keep your information updated with SSA. 

Protection from Medical Reviews

While you are signed up and actively making progress towards your goals you can be protected from continuing disability reviews. 

Ticket to Work Guidance & Help

With many years experience with navigating the Social Security Ticket to Work Program, let us help guide you through the program as you pursue your own Path to Success!

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