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SSDI Threshold Amounts

For general and disability specific resources, visit our Disability Resource page 

SSA Threshold and Payment Rates


Social Security Disability (SSDI) Threshold Amounts

Trial Work Level (TWL)

2023-$1,050/month |2024-$1,110/month

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)

2023-$1,470/month | 2024-$1,550/month

Blind SGA

2023-$2,460/month | 2024-$2,590/month

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Federal Benefit Rates

Individual Amount

2023- $914/month | 2024-$943.00/month

Couples Amount

2023-$1,371/month | 2024-$1,415/month

Student Earned Income Exclusion

2023-$2,220/month | 2024-$2,290/month

Social Security Resources


The best place to start when learning about the different types of benefits available from Social Security.


Make sure to book-mark this site! The Red Book contains general descriptions of disability-related policies, including SSA’s rules for working, in clear and easy-to-understand terms.

Keep in mind that the Red Book contains basic information and for specific instances you may need to search elsewhere or, as a client of A Path to Success, reach out to us for answers to your questions!


Apply for retirement, disability, and medical benefits online! Check the status of your application, request verification from SSA, update your address, and more on SSA’s websites.


If you can’t get the help you need using SSA’s online services, find the address, phone number, and map to any Social Security office by searching for your zip code.


Learn more about your options if you have received notice of an overpayment if you don’t agree, can’t pay it back, or need to set up a payment plan. If you are a client of A Path to Success, send in copies of paperwork from SSA and we will review them with you before you submit to SSA.


The public version of Social Security’s Program Operations Manual, the POMS is regularly used by SSA employees in the running of their programs. The POMS contains highly technical terms and instructions that may be unfamiliar. At A Path to Success, we have years of experience in using the information contained in the POMS system to help our clients. 

Medicare and Medicaid Resources


Every state has a different Medicaid program and most states are continuously improving their services. Click on your state to learn more about your state’s current Medicaid profile, including eligibility requirements and how to enroll.


Learn how you can continue receiving Medicaid coverage even if you return to work and are earning too much to receive an SSI cash benefit.


Learn more about your Medicare coverage: create an account to access your information anytime, find and compare health plans in your area, find and compare care providers, and a lot more!


Learn how you can continue receiving Medicare coverage even after your Trial Work Period ends and you are not receiving an SSDI cash benefit.


Click on the SHIP Locator to find contact information for the agency in your state that can work one-on-one with you to discuss your options and what’s available to you!

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